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VFW Post 305 - Addition & Remodel


Eau Claire, Wisconsin

The VFW Post sits on the edge of the bluff looking west over the Chippewa River valley. The original, rustic stone and brick facility was constructed as the shower/changing building for a municipal beach at the base of the bluff. Over the years, numerous changes and additions had been made. One popular previous addition had been a screen porch, with panoramic views, but only seasonal occupancy. When not occupiable, the porch limited the views from the interior of the club.

This project replaced the seasonal porch with a fully occupiable room, maximizing views throughout the year, and also providing a social focus with a large fireplace and mantel, as well as display space for historic memorabilia. The vaulted ceiling, with its clerestory dormer, balance with the sweeping vistas of the river valley.

The exterior is clad with broken-faced concrete masonry in keeping with the original stone exterior. The existing retaining wall, which supported the porch, was strengthened to provide a firm base for the new construction. The addition of an enclosed room also required that the entire facility be divided into distinct fire-control areas, by the addition of a coiling fire door.

Lien and Peterson also remodeled the banquet hall adjacent to the VFW bar area. The space was formerly a cramped room with only a eight foot high flat ceiling. The new and improved roof was included in 2dlp's work. The banquet hall is now roomy and elegant, with exposed trusses and a beautiful vaulted ceiling.

last updated 3/18/16

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